Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks, You.

Today I am thankful for...

- Hard candy that looks like little fruit
- Large sunglasses
- Pink pants
- Boyfriends who call
- Nerdy, excitable friends
- Carpool buddies
- Peanut butter
- Wine juice boxes in the fridge
- Tennis shoes
- My currently managable hair
- Finding the perfect Father's Day card
- Having a Dad to buy a Father's Day card for
- Good teeth
- Remembering the key
- Pens that work

It's almost Friday. What's on your good list?


  1. Catching up with an old friend. Getting to be on the Internet while I sit by the pool. A beautiful day. No work for 14 hours. Cute one piece swim suits. The annoying kids getting out of the pool so I can swim in peace. :)

  2. Finding an amazing apartment
    Being able to have gone to Mexico
    Having a chance to eat 24 tacos al pastor.
    Girlfriends who say yes.
    Google and the mouse wheel
    People who build apartments with ocean views.
    Nerdy t-shirts. Especially those from our store
    Working on Star Wars!!!! Everyday for the past 3+ years.
    Seeing snow this year.
    Being able to soothe.

  3. i LOVE this post and its message :) been thinking about it for days

    I am thankful for

    a healthy family
    soy lattes
    clean socks
    international friends
    text messaging
    running into former teachers, friends, etc on the bus
    my newly discovered patience for teenagers
    tomato soup
    anti-redness moisturizer
    sleeping in
    my ladies
    organic all natural fruit snacks
    junk mail from nonprofits
    oversized sunglasses