Monday, August 9, 2010

Things That Fly

I do not like butterflies. I do not find them graceful or beautiful. I do not appreciate them as tattoo art or as fashion or as aspects of interior design. My first formal dance I went to, my freshman year of high school, was held in the Pacific Science Center, in the exhibits surrounding the Butterfly Room. Where there are a lot of butterflies, flying around, landing on you, swooping through the air, big ones, little ones, in a humid room dripping with flowers. I walked through the butterfly room because it was novelty, and because everyone was doing it and because I was 14. I pretty much spent the entire time in there crouched to the ground or letting out only-audible-to-dogs-type-screams. I was trying to play it cool, but if you know me, then you know - that hardly ever works out.

The point of this story is: I don't really like anything that flies. Birds are ok because they generally stay away from me, but when they seem like they're going to dive bomb and/or begin swooping anywhere near my head, I run screaming like a little girl, flapping my arms about like an orangutan. And this is the explanation for this video (warning, obnoxious laugh ahead):


  1. hahahahaha!

    nice video. I love the scream at the end!

    Also, I hate butterflies. I just see them as bugs with pretty wings.

  2. and this is an example of how we see eye to eye on so very many necessary things in life.

  3. aaaahhahahahahahahah LOVE IT :) ps: is the adorable tall guy at the beginning the infamous ale ale ale alejandro!?

  4. yes indeed it is. the one and only! haha