Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Recession?

I found proof this morning that the recession is still in full swing. As I was sitting on the toilet, having my morning pee, I realized the toilet paper had run out so i reached behind me to where the stash is kept and pulled out another roll. Literally smack dab on the toilet paper was a coupon.

I mean, really... what kind of savings can be found inside a toilet paper roll? And is this supposed to be some sort of joyful find? Generally when I'm sitting on the toilet I'm not really thinking about the savings I could have if only I had access to a coupon. Is this a new form of gorilla marketing? Wipe your butt only to find... advertisement! That last line quite possibly gave some of you an unwanted visual, and i do apologize, but really? A coupon?! Stuck directly to the toilet paper roll? Who thoughtthat was a good idea? And why?!


  1. hahahaha. wow. That has to be the worst placement for a coupon ever!

    Not the worst for an ad tho, cos ive seen ads in urinals before.

  2. heh... gorilla marketing. i think we've found a whole new advertisement-niche :)

  3. haha - "your morning pee" did you keep the coupon?